The Riding Academy offers the perfect introduction to horseback riding in a safe, positive and encouraging environment and a challenging progression for experienced riders. We have wonderful patient, school horses, many of which are outgrown show horses from previous students. Pony Club adds structure and tradition to our lesson program, with a focus on safety and a strict policy of kindness and respect for each other and the animals.


     We believe the rider should have control of their own body before they can control the horse.  Students are longed in the round pen until they can walk and trot with no hands and no stirrups. They continue working on balance exercises, stretches, vaulting poses and games to build strength and confidence. Every child comes with a personal level of trust and is allowed to progress at their own speed.


     Once they “Earn Their Reins”, they are allowed to ride their horse in a slightly larger arena, learning to steer and canter. Students continue with more advanced riding in the big ring as they progress, adding dressage basics and jumping. When they prove themselves proficient, they can move to the open dressage court, cross country course and galloping tracks.  If a student wants to test their skills, they can join our show team. We go to a variety of horse shows focusing mainly on Eventing, the triathlon of equestrian sports, and the only Olympic sport where men and women compete as equals. Eventing ranges from very fundamental walk /trot schooling shows with 12 inch jumps, to exciting International  levels.


     Our Academy works on a tuition basis. When you reserve a spot in our program, the tuition offers you a discounted lesson rate as well as make up lessons. This allows us consistency for our expenses and more importantly a lesson in responsibility and commitment for our students. Horses aren’t sports equipment that can be stored in the closet during the off season.  We make arrangements for special circumstances and students help each other with their horse’s care for vacations and school sports.

The Riding Academy Adult Class

A relaxed, flexible group lessons with an emphasis on dressage. Bring your horse or ride one of our fabulous school horses and enjoy some time with like-minded ladies (or gentlemen) at whatever level you are. We offer Horse Yoga, jumping, trail rides and English or Western dressage.

Private Lessons

Private lessons offer concentrated one on one attention for problem solving and achieving your riding goals.  Bring your own horse or ride one of our school horses.

Group Lessons

Pony Rides

The perfect way to introduce budding equestrians to the joy of horses. Our older lesson ponies enjoy their semi retirement taking care of our littlest students. Leading, brushing and learning safety around horses is all part of the package. Participation is encouraged! Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa can all join in and be part of the experience.

Pony Club

Some of you may know what Pony Club is, if not, the easiest way to explain it is, it’s like Girl or Boy Scouts with horses. An Eagle Scout is the equivalent of an A Pony Clubber. This program offers structure to our lesson program, fun activities, discounts and opportunities in the future, like Jr Olympic competitions and foreign exchange. Most importantly it looks good on college transcripts. Here is the United States Pony Club explanation:

Pony Club is the largest equestrian educational organization in the world.  This is where it all begins! The cornerstones of our foundation are education, safety, sportsmanship, stewardship and FUN. Members learn riding and the care of horses through mounted sports. The skills, habits and values instilled through horsemanship will apply to every part of a member’s life. Participating members have access to the Pony Club online community, sponsor discounts, educational standards and achievements, a Pony Club Pin, and the chance to participate in activities such as lessons and certifications, rallies and competitions, Championships and Pony Club Festival. A host of additional programs such as international exchanges, USEF Pony Finals, Dressage for Kids, National Youth Board, National Youth Congress, scholarships, and the Visiting Instructors Program are available to members who develop and progress through Pony Club. Many of our graduates feel that Pony Club helped shape their character and the choices they have made as adults.